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Do You Have a False Sense of Security?

Over the last several years, the overall markets including the S&P 500 index have been on one heck of a run. In fact, according to Yahoo finance, the S&P 500’s average annualized gains over

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Just Like Real Estate, the Location of Your Money Matters

When the words location, location, location are used or heard, most people think of real estate, as many times the value of the real estate or property is all about its location.  The same can be

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How to Maximize Your Retirement Accounts The Easy Way

Every year there are rule, guideline and tax law changes to deal with when it comes to saving for and managing your retirement plan. This year is obviously no exception with a new Presidential administration,

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The Basics: How to Calculate What You’ll Need to Retire

How do you figure out exactly how much you need to retire? It's not easy. Well, it starts out easy, but then it gets pretty complicated. The easy part is coming up with a theoretical number to start with,

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